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Ted Thorsen Products > Hand Trucks & Dollies > Standard Duty Steel Hand Trucks  

Finding the right hand truck, dollie, pallet jacks, or platform cart to fit your needs.

hand trucks, steel and aluminum, standard and convertable

Whether you are moving furniture, appliances, equipment or products, having a hand truck around can not only save you time but it will go a long way to help prevent work related injuries. Warehouses and moving companies have been using hand trucks, dollies, and platform carts for decades so they can load and unload items with safe efficiency. Hand trucks also will help eliminate the number of lower back injuries that occur from lifting too much weight. It will also protect the objects you are moving from damage since they are less likely to fall when placed on a hand truck or cart

Hand trucks come in all shapes and sizes - folding hand trucks, 2 in 1 convertible hand trucks, drum hand trucks, appliance hand trucks, and specialty hand trucks with different wheel configurations. Without the right knowledge, finding the right hand truck for your needs can be difficult.

This guide will help you find the right hand trucks, dollies, or platform carts whether using it for small business or in a big warehouse setting

There are 3 basic categories of hand trucks – Upright, Convertible, and Specialty

Standard upright hand trucks are great for small business owners who need to move objects that are 500 pounds or less.

The heavy-duty hand trucks are capable of carrying loads over 600 lbs. When it comes to materials, hand trucks are typically made from steel and aluminum.

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Heavy Duty Steel Hand Trucks

If you want the most durable and strongest material, go with steel. Steel hand trucks are very strong, because they are reinforced with double welded joints and cross supports for the highest durability and strength where it counts.
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Aluminum Hand Trucks

Aluminum hand trucks are lighter than their steel counterparts, but are just as strong. Magnesium is sometimes alloyed with aluminum to create an even stronger construction.
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Convertible 2-in-1 Hand Trucks

If versatility is what you are after, check out the line of convertible hand trucks that are available. It is easy to confuse collapsible and convertible hand trucks. A convertible hand truck has four wheels and is slightly more versatile because it can be used as a standard upright style or in a horizontal handcart configuration. (Collapsible hand trucks fold up in a smaller size for travel and have minimal weight capacity.)

Convertible hand trucks are the most versatile with the ability to carry loads in an upright or vertical position using just 2 wheels or folding out the hand truck into a 4-wheel platform that rides like a flatbed cart.

Questions to ask when deciding to purchase a hand truck

  • Consider your space limitations.Are you limited on space? If so, a folding hand truck is great option. Since it folds up, and takes up less storage space. Non-Folding hand trucks take up more space when being stored.
  • Consider your load weight. Your choice of hand truck should slightly exceed the weight of the load you are moving. It’s better to have more capacity then not enough when choosing a hand truck for your application. If you are handling very heavy loads, appliance hand trucks have ratchet straps and extra supports built into the frame for handling larger bulky loads like refrigerators or washing machines.
  • Consider your applications.A 2-in-1 convertible hand truck works as a dual use truck by converting from an upright two-wheel hand truck style to a four-wheel platform truck style.

* Note: Don't try to push the weight capacity limit, you'll just end up having to buy a new hand truck or worse yet you could end up with serious injuries.

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Another excellent option for your moving needs might be to use a dolly.

Dollies are another form of moving equipment that makes heavy items roll much easier.

Dollies are usually square/rectangular in shape, with surfaces close to the floor for minimal lifting. They have 4 or more wheels on the bottom so once an item is placed on the dolly, movement is as simple as pushing it along and letting the wheels do all the work.

Dollies are made from wood, steel, aluminum, and plastic with several deck configurations available. Wood dollies are designed as open frame and solid frame. Open framed models can have carpet end padding, rubber end caps, or a flush smooth surface. Aluminum and steel dollies can move heavier items no problem and those with swivel casters let you maneuver in tight quarters.

*Note: If you plan on moving items up and down stairs, then dollies will not work. For stair climbing, a hand truck is the best choice since you can control the load better as you move up/down the stairs. Some hand trucks have a stair crawler option for additional ease in maneuvering.

If you will be moving large items across flat surfaces, then dollies would be a good choice.

A hand truck is a good investment if you plan on lifting heavy objects

Remember that a small load does not always make for a light load. Whether you are lifting or moving a heavy object at home or at work, it is a good idea to use a hand truck. Whenever you think something maybe too heavy to lift. Do not hesitate to use a hand truck. If a hand truck is not available at your work, talk to your employer about getting one. Buying a hand truck will be a lot less expensive than having an injured employee. It is definitely better to be safe than sorry, especially when your health is concerned.

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