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Industrial Material Handling Equipment and Products

TedThorsenbrings you quality industrial material handling equipment and products to help you organize your factory, warehouse, distribution center, manufacturing or production area, office, or any industrial area that you are seeking to add more storage and organize more efficiently. We offer products for industrial use. So take a look through our large online inventory of organizational and storage products! Our quality material handling products include...

Canvas and vinyl baskets for industrial usage...These baskets are great for carrying items from one station to another, ideal for order picking and piecework. Baskets have hardwood runners and are available in a choice of materials, colors, and sizes. Available with and without casters.

Industrial cabinets and lockers...Ted Thorsen brings you quality industrial cabinets and industrial storage lockers which can be used in any area that you are seeking to add more storage and organize more efficiently. Choose from security cabinets, industrial bin storage cabinets, drawer cabinets, parts cabinets, lockers, computer cabinets and even hazardous materials storage cabinets. We have the industrial storage cabinet to suit your specific application.

Cargo restraint systems...we carry quality cargo restraint systems such as Restraint Bars, E-Track, A-Track, Cargo Belts of various widths, lengths and capacities, CamBuckle Adjustments, Ratchet Style Adjustments, Floor to Ceiling Restraints, Rope Tie-Offs, Shoring / Decking Beams and Beam Sockets, and General Purpose Cargo Straps. We also carry Cargo King and PortableCargo King restraint systems.

Industrial carts...maximize your productivity with our selection of industrial carts and trucks. Choose from our selection of: canvas and vinyl basket trucks, security carts and trucks, rolling wire cages, tilt trucks, handtrucks, pallet trucks, metal and wire shelf trucks and carts, polytrux, box trucksand carts, and more.

Industrial casters...Wehave a large inventory of industrial casters and accessories for you. Choose from our standard or heavy duty casters, rigid or swivelcasters, plate or stem casters, thread guard casters, steel or polycasters, as well as many other types of wheels, brakes, bumpers, floorlocks and accessories.

Ergonomic office seating...Ted Thorsen brings you quality ergonomic office seating. We have alarge variety of ergonomic chairs, stools, foot rests, and sit-stands for many different settings and situations. Our line of ergonomic office seating includes ergonomic chairs, stools, footrests, and sit-stands with and without casters and/or glides, choice of plywood seats and backs or fabric, vinyl or cloth upholstered cushioned  seats and backs. We also offer steel chairs, ESD chairs, stools, footrests and sit-stands, and clean room chairs, stools, footrests and sit-stands.

Industrial storage containers...from standard to custom design containers, we have the industrial storage container to meet your needs. Our extensive selection includes:open-front bins and bin boxes, totes and tote boxes including nesting, stacking, ESD and conductive totes and tote boxes, fork-liftable bulkboxes, Big Pak containers, pallet containers, USDA and FDA approved containers, poly boxes, parts washing boxes, utility pans and trays, cut-n-weld containers, A.S.R.(automated storage retrieval) containers and more.

Industrial conveyors...Standard and Custom Conveyors, Garment Conveyors, Overhead Conveyors, Portable Conveyors, ball transfer conveyors, powered roller conveyors, powered belt conveyors, and more.

Industrial desks and workstations...A large selection of standard and custom designed industrial desks and workstations for every application. We carry desks, work stations, computer work stations, work aids, work benches, work tables, computer desks, computer security stations, mobile desks, mobile workstations, and more.

Portable loading dock equipment...dock equipment, dock plates, dock boards, ramps, strip doors, truckboards, mobile dock boards, slide-out ramps, vertical flaps, dockbumpers, wheel chocks, dock lighting, and more.

Label and document holders...label holders, labeling products, document holders, signs, markers, magnetic labels, removable labels, card holders, card windows, sign holders, reusable labels, velcro label holders, document pockets, rack locator signs, aisle signs, snap-on sign holders, roto-clip holders, container labels, and more.

Drum handling equipment...drum handling, spill containment, Hazardous Materials storage, flammables storage, spill control, liquid safety products, HazMat storage, drum trucks, drum pallet, drum equipment, and more.

Industrial enclosures...a large variety of industrial enclosures, partitions and barriers for factories, warehouses, distribution centers, production areas, workstations, and more. Our line of industrial enclosures, partitions and barriers includes... panels, wire and mesh partitions, wire enclosures, safety barriers and barricades.

Industrial blower fans...a large variety of industrial blower fans for factories, warehouses, distribution centers, production areas, and workstations. Our line of industrial blower fans includes floor fans, pedestal fans, wall mount fans, coolers, air movers, and more.

Hand trucks and dollies...we carry industrial dollies for totes, pallets, and pallet containers, wood dollies, plastic dollies, steel and aluminum dollies, round and drum dollies, movers dollies, plate dollies, adjustable dollies, custom dollies, and more. Some of the industrial hand trucks we carry are:adjustable or collapsible hand trucks, aluminum handtrucks, light, medium and heavy-duty hand trucks, composite handtrucks, high capacity hand trucks, appliance hand trucks, stair climber hand trucks, economy hand trucks and more.

Industrial lift equipment...a large variety of industrial lift equipment. Our line of industrial lift equipment includes É Manual, Electric and Hydraulic jacks, lifts and tilters, Air operated jacks, lifts, and tilters, Man Lifts, Tilters, Roll Lifting Jacks, Spring Leveling Lifts, ScissorLifts, Personnel /Stock Platforms, Electric Lifts, Power Lifts, Fork Lifts, Turntables, Stackers, Hoists, and more.

Plastic cardholders...a large selection of labels and document holders for storage and organization of your factories, warehouses, distribution centers, production areas, offices or any work areas. Get organized and increase your work time efficiency with these labeling and I.D products and accessories. We carry card and label holders for totes and containers, shelving, racks, and any area requiring signage or identification.

Industrial ladders...we carry industrial ladders in a range of capacities, and choice of ladder heights, extensions, step width and depth, stairway angle or slope. Many ladder finishes and materials available, caster and brake options, safety handles, choice of stairway tread features.We offer industrial ladders for any application including dock use and truckloading, crossovers and work platforms, standard ladders and extension ladders, folding ladders, tilt and roll ladders, and more.

Maintenance and safety products...our line of maintenance and safety products includes: Safety products, Ergonomic Work Aids and Work Platforms, Maintenance Carts, Containers and Accessories, Waste and Recycling Carts, Containers and Accessories, Hazardous Materials and Flammables Storage Products, Drum Handling Products, Safety and Security Mirrors, Conveyor and Rack Safety Netting, Safety Enclosures and Barricades, Safety Ladders, and more.

Industrial matting...an extensive line of industrial floor matting which includes:anti-fatigue mats, modular floor mats, mats for greasy areas, mats for welding areas, mats for wet areas, ESD matting, conductive matting, and more. We carry industrial floor matting in a choice of styles, materials, colors, and sizes including mats by the roll.

Steel mezzanines...custom mezzanines and modular offices. Add office space, isolate noise or heat and fume-producing operations, increase storage space or production areas with the addition of a modular office or a two-level mezzanine system. We specialize in designing and creating modular offices and custom steel mezzanines. Choose from rack or shelving supported mezzanines, free standing mezzanines, or 2, 3 and 4 wall modular office units, as well as 2-story modular office units.

Handling pallets and equipment...quality material handling pallets, skids and equipment for your factory, warehouse, distribution center, transportation department, production and work areas, or for any material handling, shipping or storage application. Choose from plastic, aluminum, steel, or composite and treated wood pallets in many sizes and footprints. We carry roll pallets, drum pallets, slave pallets, rackable and stackable pallets, pallets for bulk containers, custom pallets, and more.

Industrial paper cutters... quality industrial paper cutters and roll dispensers for your workplace, production area, or packing or shipping stations.

Industrial pipe fittings...industrial pipe fittings and tubing, slick rail, and trolley rail for your factory, warehouse, distribution center or production area. Our selection of industrial pipe fittings, slick rail, and trolley rail includes: General Pipe Fittings and Hardware, SlickRail Components, Rail Tubing, Construction Fittings, Clamps and ArmBrackets, Switches and Bracing, Rail Trolleys, Trolley Carriers, Trolley Trucks and Holders, Powered Trolley Conveyors, and more.

Industrial storage racks...we carry industrial storage racks for every material handling application including bin racks, carton racks, tote and tray racks, garment racks, literature racks, record storage racks, small parts storage racks, industrial racks and shelving, as well as pallet racks,framing and decking.

Paper roll dispensers... industrial cloth and paper roll dispensers for your workplace, production area, or packing or shipping stations.

Industrial counting scales...our selection of industrial scales includes: postal scales, floor scales, USDA / FDA approved scales, washable scales, bench scales, beam scales, low profile floor mount scales, and more.

Industrial shelving...quality industrial shelving for your factory, warehouse, distribution center, or any office or work area. Here are just some of the types of industrial shelving we offer Shelving Units with Bins, Wide Span Shelving, Industrial Wire Shelving and Accessories, Wire Shelf Trucks and Carts, Rivet Beam Shelving, Nut and Bolt Shelving, Sloped or Angled Shelving, Adjustable Shelving, Shelving Components, Clean Room Shelving. Freezer or Refrigeration Shelving, Wire Mesh Shelving, Steel Shelving, Particle Board Shelving, Shelf Decking, Mobile Shelving and Shelf Trucks, Flow Rack and more.

Reusable shipping containers...quality reusable shipping containers for your factories, warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing and production areas, or shipping and transportation departments. Here are just some of the reusable shipping containers we offer: Large shipping containers and boxes, Plastic and Structural Foam shipping containers, Nesting and Stacking shipping containers, Big Paks, Flipak, Myton, Ropak, USDA and FDA approved shipping containers, Collapsible Reusable Shipping Containers, Wire Pallet Containers, Corrugated Paper and Corrugated PlasticShipping Containers, and more.

Waste handling equipment...quality waste handling equipment for your factories, warehouses, distribution centers, or production areas. Our selection of waste handling equipment includes: tilt and dump carts, hydraulic cart dumpers, recycling cans, smoking receptacles, oil waste containers, brute containers and lids, self-dumping hoppers, and more.

Industrial workbenches...a large selection of industrial workbenches which includes: adjustable benches and tables, assembly tables, mobile worktables and workbenches, table tops and accessories, computer benches, packing benches, machine stands, clean room work tables, desks and workstations, and standard and modified design work benches.