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Garment & Apparel Handling
Hand Trucks & Dollies
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Labeling & Display
Mezzanines & Modular Offices
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used material handling equipment


Ted Thorsen brings you quality industrial carts and trucks including basket and hamper trucks.  We offer products for industrial use as well as personal use.  So take a look through our large online inventory of organizational and storage products!


Rubbermaid Heavy-Duty Convertible Platform Trucks

Rubbermaid Heavy-Duty Convertible A-Frame Truck

Rubbermaid Semi-Live Skids

Rubbermaid Heavy-Duty Utility Carts

Rubbermaid Heavy-Duty Platform Trucks

Standard Canvas & Vinyl Hamper Trucks

Elevated Trucks

Extractor Trucks
20, 24, 26, and 28 Bushel Sizes

Pan and Tray Rack

Stainless Steel
Guard Rail Cart

Stainless Steel
Medium Duty
Utility Cart

Stain Resistant Polyethylene Carts

Fold-Up Security Truck

Expanded Metal Box Trucks
with Lid

Flare Trucks

Stainless Steel Utility Carts

Open Front Sheet Feed Trucks

Removable Liner Basket Trucks

Slant Front Trucks

Wood Covered Hampers and Trucks

16 Bushel Vertical Space-saver Truck

Transport Carts

Banquet Carts

Handler™ Series Utility Carts

Molded Plastic Box Trucks

Platform Trucks

Stainless Steel Platform Trucks

All-Terrain Steel Platform Trucks

Paper Roll Racks

Piece Goods / Cloth Unwinding Truck

Roll Goods Portable Carousel

Garment Racks

3 Sided Shelf Trucks

A-Frame Carts

A-Frame Storage Cart

2 & 3 Shelf Plastic
Platform Carts

Akro® Carts

Landscape, Nursery, and Agricultural Carts


Tilt Trucks

Bulk Movers
6 & 8 Bushel

Eagle 55 Pallet Truck

Box Trucks

Wire Shelf & Security Carts

Close Service Carts

Cross-Stack Tub Rack

Akro®-Tub & Rack
FDA Approved Tubs

Floor Locks

Folding Security Trucks

Hand Trucks

Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Cart

Heavy Duty Nestable Folding Shelf Cart

Heavy Duty Panel Cart

Semi-Live Skids

Hi-Duty and Hi-Frame
Stockpicker Trucks

Laundry Hampers & Bulk Handling Carts

Low Profile Parts Hopper

Maintenance & Waste Carts

MetroMax® Mobile Shelving
with Microban® Antimicrobial

Multi-Purpose 2-in-1 Heavy Duty
Garment Distribution Rack
with expanded metal base

Mobile Cabinets

Multi-Tier Stock Carts

Pallet Trucks
Pallet Jacks

Panel Cart

Plastic Platform Trucks
with Fold Down Handle

Poly Trucks

Plastic Utility Service Carts

Portable Carton Cart

ProCart® Bin Transport System
& Work Center

Rolling Wire Cages

Housekeeping Cart

Janitor/Cleaning Carts

Security Carts & Trucks

Steel and Aluminum
Stockpicker Trucks

Steel Cantilever
Stockpicker Truck

Steel Stock & Service Carts

Utility Carts

Tilt Trucks

Tote & Tray Carts

Wire Shelf Trucks

Wire Utility Carts

Work Center Carts

Wire Caged Platform Trucks

Pallet Cart & Carousel

Aluminum Platform Trucks

Steel Platform Trucks

Wood Platform Trucks

Recycling Truck

Extractors Truck and Liners

Rugged Plastic Mobile Carts

Bundle Clamp Truck

Mobile Work Racks

Turnabout Trucks

Garment Delivery Trucks

Bulk Delivery Trucks

Maxi-Cube Trucks

Industrial Carts - Basket Trucks and Industrial Carts

Ted Thorsen brings you quality industrial carts and trucks including basket and hamper trucks.  We offer products for industrial use as well as personal use.  So take a look through our large online inventory of organizational and storage products!

Our line of industrial carts and trucks, basket / hamper trucks and accessories includes…


Box Trucks and Carts

Bulk Trucks and Carts

Canvas Body Trucks and Carts

Vinyl Body Trucks and Carts

Hamper Trucks

Hand Trucks

Instrument Trucks and Carts

Ladder Shelf Trucks and Carts

Stainless Steel Trucks and Carts

Tilt Trucks

Clean Room Trucks and Carts

Wagon Trucks

Wood Deck Platform Trucks

Conveyor Bed Trucks and Carts

Raised Platform Trucks

Tilt / Dump Carts

Brute Containers and Lids

Self-Dumping Hoppers

Wet, Bleach and Dye Trucks and Carts

Dry Cargo Trucks and Carts

Flame Retardant Trucks and Carts

Trucks and Carts with Cut-Out Front or Sides

Forkliftable Trucks and Carts

Security Trucks and Carts

Angled Trucks and Carts

Shelf Carts and Shelf Trucks

Fabric and Yarn Trucks and Carts

Cut Work and Waste Take Away Trucks and Carts

Food Processing (USDA, FDA) Trucks and Carts

Elevated Body Trucks

V Trucks

U Trucks

Fiberglass Sani-Trux

Poly Trux

Self Leveling Height Trucks and Carts

Wire Shelf Trucks and Carts

Covers, Lids, Doors, Shelves, Dividers, Liners and Casters for Industrial Carts and Trucks

Basket Trucks – a large variety of canvas basket and hamper trucks, vinyl basket/hamper trucks, slant front trucks, fabric-body “buggies” and more.  We also carry replacement liners for basket / hamper trucks.  We offer accessories such as casters, bumpers, spring lift platforms and more.

Utility Carts  We offer many styles of utility carts including: wire shelf utility carts, heavy duty utility carts, plastic body utility carts, roto molded utility carts, aluminum, steel and custom-designed or made-to-order utility carts and trucks.  Ted Thorsen's utility carts can be ordered with any caster composition, size or configuration.  Choose the number of shelves you need, shelf heights, angled shelves, and more.  Ted Thorsen can provide you with the utility cart best suited to your application.


On of the many utility carts we offer are the BC Series Utility Carts.  BC Series Utility Carts have injection-molded polyethylene shelves are ideal for restaurants, hospitals, or schools.

Shelves specially designed to resist staining and wipe clean.

7/18" deep ship's edge lip around shelf perimeter contains spills.

Available in 2-shelf, 3-shelf, 3-shelf enclosed end, and 3-sided enclosed styles.

Chrome-plated posts on 2 and 3-sided models.

Two-shelf and three-shelf models are available in black swirl, gray, true blue and teaberry.

Enclosed models are available in gray and true blue.

150 lbs. capacity per shelf. Ships unassembled.

Floor Locks – include adjustable height floor locks and side mounted floor locks.

Hand Trucks – We offer hand trucks in various designs, capacities and configurations.  Hand trucks are available in a choice of materials such as: aluminum, steel, or composite and can be modified to the customer's exact specifications.  Choice of caster or wheel, handle style, and specialty hand trucks are available including: appliance hand trucks, drum handling hand trucks, and stair climbing models.

Heavy Duty Utility Carts – a selection of heavy duty utility carts including modular open wire shelf designs, solid modular shelf designs, dolly base options, all steel, all aluminum or fully welded designs.  Call TedThorsen for standard and custom heavy duty utility carts with a choice of handles as well as swivel, rigid or locking casters.

Ladder Trucks – We offer a variety of steel and aluminum ladder trucks in your choice of ladder heights, capacities, shelf and caster or wheel options.  Choose the ladder truck best suited to your application.

Open Wire Shelf Trucks - Provide high visibility and easy 4-way access. Ensure quick, efficient inventory control. Ideal for mobile storage requirements. Open wire shelf trucks allow air to circulate throughout, eliminating dust and dirt build-up. Store bins, totes and boxes, supplies, linens, food items, stocked products and other regularly used work items. Available in electro-plated nickel-chrome finish, powder coated finish, economical zinc finish with choice of casters and accessories such as additional shelves, bumpers, etc.  Also available in freezer and cooler finishes.

Pallet Trucks and JacksChoose from standard, heavy duty, low profile, economy versions, and scale trucks and jacks.  We also offer adjustable fork width models as well as custom sizes and finishes on our pallet trucks and jacks.


Poly Trucks – molded plastic poly trucks in varying sizes and strengths for a large variety of jobs. Durable poly trucks are ideal for handling bulk products, laundry, or a variety of in-plant applications. Side cut-outs are available on some models to allow easy access. Molded polyethylene construction is lightweight and flexible. Won't rust, dent, or crack. No crevices or seams to hold dirt. Easy to clean and hot water sanitize.  Many options available including shelves, drain holes, choice of casters and mounting configuration, and more.


Folding Roll Carts – our collapsible, folding roll carts come in a variety of sizes, finishes, shelf configurations, and capacities.  These rolling carts collapse or fold when not in use to provide efficient space-saving storage.  Many options available for these folding, rolling carts such as choice of caster, additional shelves, drop gates, push bars, security doors and more.

Rolling Wire Cages – The vertical construction of our Rolling Wire Cages saves floor space. See-through construction allows easy identification of contents.Durable metal construction, with metal under carriage. Hard tread swivel casters with thread guards. Perfect for handling and moving products or supplies in your factory, warehouse, distribution center or in any production environment.

If you have any questions about our Industrial Carts, contact us today.