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Ted Thorsen Products > Baskets, Bins & Trays > Baskets > BEST SELLER Canvas and Vinyl Baskets

Canvas and Vinyl Baskets

product image

  • Great for carrying items from one station to another
  • Ideal for order picking and piecework
  • Baskets have hardwood runners
  • Available in white canvas, grey or yellow vinyl coated nylon.
  • Quantity discounts available on 5+ units
          Call Ted Thorsen 1-800-233-8358

    Ships from Massachusetts


    Orders totaling less than $200.00 will incur a $20.00 handling fee.

  •  1 BUSHEL 
    Item #CapacityColorLxWxDQtyPriceAdd to Cart
    SC-20-1BU1 bushelwhite canvas16"x12"x12"42.28
    SC-20S-1BU-G1 bushelgrey vinyl16"x12"x12"41.07
    SC-20S-1BU-Y1 bushelyellow vinyl16"x12"x12"41.07

     1.5 BUSHEL 
    Item #CapacityColorLxWxDQtyPriceAdd to Cart
    SC-20-1.5BU1.5 bushelwhite canvas18"x14"x12"46.74
    SC-20S-1.5BU-G1.5 bushelgrey vinyl18"x14"x12"45.32
    SC-20S-1.5BU-Y1.5 bushelyellow vinyl18"x14"x12"45.32

     2 BUSHEL 
    Item #CapacityColorLxWxDQtyPriceAdd to Cart
    SC-20-2BU2 bushelwhite canvas22"x14"x14"51.44
    SC-20S-2BU-G2 bushelgrey vinyl22"x14"x14"49.69
    SC-20S-2BU-Y2 bushelyellow vinyl22"x14"x14"49.69

     3 BUSHEL 
    Item #CapacityColorLxWxDQtyPriceAdd to Cart
    SC-20-3BU3 bushelwhite canvas24"x18"x16"58.24
    SC-20S-3BU-G3 bushelgrey vinyl24"x18"x16"56.13
    SC-20S-3BU-Y3 bushelyellow vinyl24"x18"x16"56.13

     4 BUSHEL 
    Item #CapacityColorLxWxDQtyPriceAdd to Cart
    SC-20-4BU4 bushelwhite canvas30"x18"x16"69.58
    SC-20S-4BU-G4 bushelgrey vinyl30"x18"x16"67.43
    SC-20S-4BU-Y4 bushelyellow vinyl30"x18"x16"67.43

     6 BUSHEL 
    Item #CapacityColorLxWxDQtyPriceAdd to Cart
    SC-40-06BU6 bushelwhite canvas30"x20"x20 1/2"86.51
    SC-40S-06BU-G6 bushelgrey vinyl30"x20"x20 1/2"81.49
    SC-40S-06BU-Y6 bushelyellow vinyl30"x20"x20 1/2"81.49

     8 BUSHEL 
    Item #CapacityColorLxWxDQtyPriceAdd to Cart
    SC-40-08BU8 bushelwhite canvas34"x22"x23"102.47
    SC-40S-08BU-G8 bushelgrey vinyl34"x22"x23"96.63
    SC-40S-08BU-Y8 bushelyellow vinyl34"x22"x23"96.63

     10 BUSHEL 
    Item #CapacityColorLxWxDQtyPriceAdd to Cart
    SC-40-10BU10 bushelwhite canvas36"x24"x25"111.38
    SC-40S-10BU-G10 bushelgrey vinyl36"x24"x25"105.75
    SC-40S-10BU-Y10 bushelyellow vinyl36"x24"x25"105.75

     12 BUSHEL 
    Item #CapacityColorLxWxDQtyPriceAdd to Cart
    SC-40-12BU12 bushelwhite canvas36"x26"x27 1/2"117.86
    SC-40S-12BU-G12 bushelgrey vinyl36"x26"x27 1/2"111.38
    SC-40S-12BU-Y12 bushelyellow vinyl36"x26"x27 1/2"111.38

     14 BUSHEL 
    Item #CapacityColorLxWxDQtyPriceAdd to Cart
    SC-40-14BU14 bushelwhite canvas40"x28"x27 1/2"139.73
    SC-40S-14BU-G14 bushelgrey vinyl40"x28"x27 1/2"132.80
    SC-40S-14BU-Y14 bushelyellow vinyl40"x28"x27 1/2"132.80

     16 BUSHEL 
    Item #CapacityColorLxWxDQtyPriceAdd to Cart
    SC-40-16BU16 bushelwhite canvas40"x28"x30"143.33
    SC-40S-16BU-G16 bushelgrey vinyl40"x28"x30"136.89
    SC-40S-16BU-Y16 bushelyellow vinyl40"x28"x30"136.89

     18 BUSHEL 
    Item #CapacityColorLxWxDQtyPriceAdd to Cart
    SC-40-18BU18 bushelwhite canvas42"x30"x30"159.00
    SC-40S-18BU-G18 bushelgrey vinyl42"x30"x30"151.19
    SC-40S-18BU-Y18 bushelyellow vinyl42"x30"x30"151.19

     20 BUSHEL 
    Item #CapacityColorLxWxDQtyPriceAdd to Cart
    SC-40-20BU20 bushelwhite canvas44"x32"x33"168.84
    SC-40-SP20BU20 bushelwhite canvas48"x32"x30"187.84
    SC-40S-20BU-G20 bushelgrey vinyl44"x32"x33"162.28
    SC-40S-20BU-Y20 bushelyellow vinyl44"x32"x33"162.28
    SC-40S-SP20BU-G20 bushelgrey vinyl48"x32"x30"185.00
    SC-40S-SP20BU-Y20 bushelyellow vinyl48"x32"x30"185.00

     24 BUSHEL 
    Item #CapacityColorLxWxDQtyPriceAdd to Cart
    SC-40-SP24BU24 bushelwhite canvas54"x34"x30"241.65
    SC-40S-SP24BU-G24 bushelgrey vinyl54"x34"x30"211.53
    SC-40S-SP24BU-Y24 bushelyellow vinyl54"x34"x30"211.53