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Ted Thorsen Products > Dock & Warehouse Equipment > Air-Flex™ Insect Barrier Strip Doors

Air-Flex™ Insect Barrier Strip Doors

product image

Air-Flex™ Insect Barrier Strip Doors

Lets in fresh air - not the bugs!

  • Available in black or safety yellow
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to replace
  • Allows cool, fresh air in without the bugs and flying insects
  • Easy access strips are installed quickly and easily using
         our exclusive MaxBullet™ HTP® Mounting System (included)
  • 8" wide mesh strips are made of 12 oz. PVC coated polyester
          for long life and durability
  • Weighted at bottom for straight hanging while closed
  • Replacement strips available in 7' and 8' lengths

    Perfect for:
  • Back doors of restaurants, cafeterias and food prep facilities
  • Personnel doors at commercial and manufacturing locations
  • Open air concessions at parks, sports arenas and the like
  • Any open area where flying insects are a pest

    MaxBullet™ HTP® Mounting System
  • Unique bullet-shaped locking feature allows for easy strip snap-on/snap-off
          installation, yet stays in place for heavy-duty daily use
  • Interlocking HTP hardware

    Ships from Alabama


    Orders totaling less than $200.00 will incur a $20.00 handling fee.

  •  Black Mesh Air-Flex™ 
    Item #WxHShip
    QtyPriceAdd to Cart
    AL-4050812'x7'12 lbs.98.97
    AL-4050822'x8'12 lbs.112.67
    AL-4050084'x7'21 lbs.197.18
    AL-4050094'x9'21 lbs.225.34
    AL-4050126'x7'30 lbs.295.38
    AL-4050136'x8'30 lbs.337.26
    AL-4050838'x7'39 lbs.416.92
    AL-4050168'x8'39 lbs.449.93
    AL-40508410'x7'48 lbs.491.79
    AL-40501710'x8'48 lbs.562.60
    AL-40508512'x7'57 lbs.590.00
    AL-40501812'x8'57 lbs.674.50

     Yellow Mesh Air-Flex™ 
    Item #WxHShip
    QtyPriceAdd to Cart
    AL-4050862'x7'12 lbs.98.97
    AL-4050872'x8'12 lbs.112.67
    AL-4050484'x7'21 lbs.197.18
    AL-4050494'x9'21 lbs.225.34
    AL-4050526'x7'30 lbs.295.38
    AL-4050536'x8'30 lbs.393.59
    AL-4050888'x7'39 lbs.416.92
    AL-4050568'x8'39 lbs.449.93
    AL-40508910'x7'48 lbs.491.79
    AL-40505710'x8'48 lbs.562.60
    AL-40509012'x7'57 lbs.590.00
    AL-40505812'x8'57 lbs.674.50

     Black Mesh Replacement Strips 
    Item #WxHShip
    QtyPriceAdd to Cart
    AL-4007077'3 lbs.30.83
    AL-4007088'3 lbs.35.18

     Yellow Mesh Replacement Strips 
    Item #WxHShip
    QtyPriceAdd to Cart
    AL-4007177'3 lbs.30.83
    AL-4007188'3 lbs.35.18