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Ted Thorsen Products > Document Holders & Protectors > Rack & Shelf Label Holders

Shelf and Rack Label Holders

product image

Perfect for Totes and Bins - Adhesive or Magnetic Back Side
Shelf and Rack Label Holders Features:
Clear, Scan-Through Vinyl

- Good protection and still able to scan your bar codes and SKUs through a clear pouch.
- These cardholders are very popular due to their durability and versatility.
Reliable - Full Back Side Contact
- Strong 8-guage vinyl holder
- Designed with a pressure sensitive adhesive (for permanent applications) or 30 mil thick magnetic rubber (for easy relocation) on the entire back side - not just the corners.
Choose self adhesive or magnetic.

Orders totaling less than $200.00 will incur a $20.00 handling fee.

 Adhesive Backed Holder 
Item #Holder Size (H"xL")Fits Card Size (H"xL")Package QuantityQtyPriceAdd to Cart
SS-H2X06AB1"x2"3/4"x1 7/8"2519.50
SS-H3X06AB1"x3 3/8"3/4"x3"2520.50
SS-H4X06AB1"x4 3/8"3/4"x4"2520.50
SS-H4X1AB1 1/2"x4 3/8"1"x4"2521.50
SS-H3X2AB2 1/2"x3 1/2"2"x3"2522.50
SS-H4X2AB2 3/8"x4 3/8"2"x4"2523.00
SS-H6X26AB3 1/8"x6 3/8"2 3/4"x6"2526.50
SS-H10X2AB2 1/4"x10 3/4"2"x10"2528.00
SS-H5X3AB3 3/8"x5 3/8"3"x5"2526.00
SS-H8X3AB3 3/8"x8 1/2"3"x8"2530.00
SS-H10X3AB3 5/16"x10 3/8"3"x10"2532.00
SS-H6X4AB4 3/8"x6 3/8"4"x6"2529.50
SS-H8X4AB4 3/8"x8 3/8"4"x8"2532.50
SS-H12X4AB4 3/8"x12 1/2"4"x12"2539.50
SS-H7X5AB5 3/8"x7 1/4"5"x7"2533.50
SS-H12X9AB9 1/4"x12 1/4"8 1/2"x11"1024.50

 Magnet Backed Holder 
Item #Holder Size (H"xL")Fits Card Size (H"xL")Package QuantityQtyPriceAdd to Cart
SS-H2X06MB1"x2"3/4"x1 7/8"2532.00
SS-H3X06MB1"x3 3/8"3/4"x3"2534.75
SS-H4X06MB1"x4 3/8"3/4"x4"2535.75
SS-H4X1MB1 1/2"x4 3/8"1"x4"2539.25
SS-H3X2MB2 1/2"x3 1/2"2"x3"2541.50
SS-H4X2MB2 3/8"x4 3/8"2"x4"2542.50
SS-H6X26MB3 1/8"x6 3/8"2 3/4"x6"2556.25
SS-H10X2MB2 1/4"x10 3/4"2"x10"2563.50
SS-H5X3MB3 3/8"x5 3/8"3"x5"2551.50
SS-H8X3MB3 3/8"x8 1/2"3"x8"2564.50
SS-H10X3MB3 5/16"x10 3/8"3"x10"2576.00
SS-H6X4MB4 3/8"x6 3/8"4"x6"2562.25
SS-H8x4MB4 3/8"x8 3/8"4"x8"2572.50
SS-H12X4MB4 3/8"x12 1/2"4"x12"2594.25
SS-H7X5MB5 3/8"x7 1/4"5"x7"2579.50
SS-H12X9MB9 1/4"x12 1/4"8 1/2"x11"1068.50