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Ted Thorsen Products > Cabinets & Lockers > Safety Flammable Cabinets for Cans

Safety Flammable Cabinets
for Cans

product image

Manual, Bi-Fold & Self Close Doors With Double Wall Cabinets To Contain Flammable Liquids In Protected Storage

Product Features:
  • All welded double wall 18 gauge construction with 1 1/2" insulating air space
  • 2" leakproof sill to contain leaks
  • Lockable flush mounted handle (gripper pad) with 2 keys
  • Doors have 3 point locking system and radius edges
  • Doors are double walled, 14 gauge outside & 18 gauge inside
  • 4" heavy duty welded hinges with brass pins
  • Twin 2" flame arrester vents
  • Adjustable leveling feet
  • Powder coated yellow finish (see options)
  • Safety signage in large red letters
  • Galvanized steel shelves adjust on 2 1/2" centers
  • Grounding connector
  • Meets OSHA and NFPA code 30 & UFC 79 standards
  • Chemical storage maximum - Class I & II - 60 gallons, Class III - 120 gallons

    3 Door Types:

    Model BM - 2 Doors
  • Manual close doors (open to full 180°)

    Model BS - 2 Doors
  • Self close doors (shut, index and latch automatically as fusible link melts
          under fire conditions at 165°)
  • Concealed self locking mechanism

    Model BF - 1 Door
  • Bi-fold doors (shut, index and latch automatically as fusible link melts
          under fire conditions at 165°)
  • Concealed self closing mechanism

    Optional Color & Labeling for Different Chemicals Stored:
  • Red for paints and ink - Code RP
  • Blue for corrosive liquids - Code BP
  • Putty for laboratory setting - Code AP
  • Gray for hazardous materials - Code GP
  • Extra galvanized shelves - Code GS

    Ships from Illinois


  •  Manual Close Doors 
    Item #ColorWxDxHGallon Capacity# of ShelvesWeightQtyPriceAdd to Cart
    JC-BM22yellow34"x18"x35"221170 lbs.602.88
    JC-BM22-APputty34"x18"x35"221170 lbs.652.05
    JC-BM22-BPblue34"x18"x35"221170 lbs.556.50
    JC-BM22-GPgray34"x18"x35"221170 lbs.556.50
    JC-BM22-RPred34"x18"x35"221170 lbs.556.50
    JC-BM30yellow43"x18"x44"301240 lbs.613.73
    JC-BM30-APputty43"x18"x44"301240 lbs.613.73
    JC-BM30-BPblue43"x18"x44"301240 lbs.613.73
    JC-BM30-GPgray43"x18"x44"301240 lbs.613.73
    JC-BM30-RPred43"x18"x44"301240 lbs.613.73
    JC-BM45yellow43"x18"x65"452330 lbs.739.45
    JC-BM45-APputty43"x18"x65"452330 lbs.740.02
    JC-BM45-BPblue43"x18"x65"452330 lbs.740.02
    JC-BM45-GPgray43"x18"x65"452330 lbs.678.36
    JC-BM45-RPred43"x18"x65"452330 lbs.740.02
    JC-BM60yellow34"x34"x65"602380 lbs.938.51
    JC-BM60-APputty34"x34"x65"602380 lbs.866.32
    JC-BM60-BPblue34"x34"x65"602380 lbs.866.32
    JC-BM60-GPgray34"x34"x65"602380 lbs.866.32
    JC-BM60-RPred34"x34"x65"602380 lbs.866.32
    JC-BM90yellow43"x34"x65"902440 lbs.1115.96
    JC-BM90-APputty43"x34"x65"902440 lbs.1030.11
    JC-BM90-BPblue43"x34"x65"902440 lbs.1030.11
    JC-BM90-GPgray43"x34"x65"902440 lbs.1030.11
    JC-BM90-RPred43"x34"x65"902440 lbs.1030.11

     Self Close Doors 
    Item #ColorWxDxHGallon Capacity# of ShelvesWeightQtyPriceAdd to Cart
    JC-BS30yellow43"x18"x44"301260 lbs.732.14
    JC-BS30-APputty43"x18"x44"301260 lbs.732.14
    JC-BS30-BPblue43"x18"x44"301260 lbs.732.14
    JC-BS30-GPgray43"x18"x44"301260 lbs.732.14
    JC-BS30-RPred43"x18"x44"301260 lbs.732.14
    JC-BS45yellow43"x18"x65"452350 lbs.858.43
    JC-BS45-APputty43"x18"x65"452350 lbs.858.43
    JC-BS45-BPblue43"x18"x65"452350 lbs.858.43
    JC-BS45-GPgray43"x18"x65"452350 lbs.858.43
    JC-BS45-RPred43"x18"x65"452350 lbs.858.43
    JC-BS60yellow34"x34"x65"602400 lbs.984.72
    JC-BS60-APputty34"x34"x65"602400 lbs.984.72
    JC-BS60-BPblue34"x34"x65"602400 lbs.984.72
    JC-BS60-GPgray34"x34"x65"602400 lbs.984.72
    JC-BS60-RPred34"x34"x65"602400 lbs.984.72
    JC-BS90yellow43"x34"x65"902460 lbs.1244.23
    JC-BS90-APputty43"x34"x65"902460 lbs.1244.23
    JC-BS90-BPblue43"x34"x65"902460 lbs.1244.23
    JC-BS90-GPgray43"x34"x65"902460 lbs.1244.23
    JC-BS90-RPred43"x34"x65"902460 lbs.1244.23

     Bi-Fold Doors 
    Item #ColorWxDxHGallon Capacity# of ShelvesWeightQtyPriceAdd to Cart
    JC-BF30yellow43"x18"x44"301260 lbs.636.64
    JC-BF30-APputty43"x18"x44"301260 lbs.636.64
    JC-BF30-BPblue43"x18"x44"301260 lbs.636.64
    JC-BF30-GPgray43"x18"x44"301260 lbs.636.64
    JC-BF30-RPred43"x18"x44"301260 lbs.636.34
    JC-BF45yellow43"x18"x65"452350 lbs.746.46
    JC-BF45-APputty43"x18"x65"452350 lbs.746.46
    JC-BF45-BPblue43"x18"x65"452350 lbs.746.46
    JC-BF45-GPgray43"x18"x65"452350 lbs.746.46
    JC-BF45-RPred43"x18"x65"452350 lbs.746.46
    JC-BF60yellow34"x34"x65"602400 lbs.908.00
    JC-BF60-APputty34"x34"x65"602400 lbs.908.00
    JC-BF60-BPblue34"x34"x65"602400 lbs.908.00
    JC-BF60-GPgray34"x34"x65"602400 lbs.908.00
    JC-BF60-RPred34"x34"x65"602400 lbs.856.28
    JC-BF90yellow43"x34"x65"902460 lbs.998.71
    JC-BF90-APputty43"x34"x65"902460 lbs.1059.00
    JC-BF90-BPblue43"x34"x65"902460 lbs.1059.00
    JC-BF90-GPgray43"x34"x65"902460 lbs.1059.00
    JC-BF90-RPred43"x34"x65"902460 lbs.1059.00

     Extra Galvanized Shelves 
    Item #ColorWxDxHGallon Capacity# of ShelvesWeightQtyPriceAdd to Cart