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Ted Thorsen Products > Shelving & Racks > ESD-Safe SmartTray™ Systems

ESD-Safe SmartTray™ Systems

product image

SmartTray™ Features:
  • Designed to minimize PCB handling damage
  • 18” x 26” footprint handles multiple-sized boards
  • ESD-safe SmartTray features bar coding and color-coding accessories for
         easy identification and efficient productivity
  • Molded from premium ESD protective fiberglass
  • Standard color is black
  • Compatible with all bottom loaded tray carts
  • Can be stacked by themselves, and with other trays of the same footprint
  • Maximum load rating: 150 lbs., evenly distributed
  • Outside Dimensions: 253/4” x 173/4”
  • Inside Dimensions: 2315/16” x 1515/16”
  • Height: 11/8”

    SmartTray™ Features:
    Premium Inlays:
  • Rubber inlay, two layer - blue (topside) and black (bottomside)
  • 24.125”W x 16.1”L • 0.06” Thickness
  • Provides maximum ESD protection, as well as superior resistance to heat,
          abrasion, & chemicals
  • Soft dissipative top layer makes it ideal for use in soldering and assembly areas
  • Easy to clean & maintain

    Economy Inlays:
  • Vinyl inlay, single layer - blue
  • 24”W x 16.125”L • 0.125” Thickness
  • Soft-surface inlay for cushioned PCB transport
  • Provides static dissipative ESD protection
  • Not recommended for use in soldering and assembly applications

    SmartTray™ Cart Features:
  • Chrome plated wire frame construction
  • ESD grounding cable
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Tray stacking are
  • Front and back stop bars


  •  COMPLETE UNIT(includes cart,trays & inlays) 
    Item #DescriptionInlay
    QtyPriceAdd to Cart
    MT-CBNTC20MSOL120 tray
    20 inlays
    premium1 3/4"22"x28"x49"160 lbs.1629.45
    MT-CBNTC30MSOL130 tray
    30 inlays
    premium1 3/4"22"x28"x63"217 lbs.2190.71
    MT-CBNTCS20MSOL120 tray
    20 inlays
    premium1 3/4"30"x22"x49"160 lbs.1629.45
    MT-CBNTC20MSOL220 tray
    20 inlays
    economy1 3/4"22"x28"x49"160 lbs.1537.99
    MT-CBNTC30MSOL230 tray
    30 inlays
    economy1 3/4"22"x28"x63"217 lbs.2053.01
    MT-CBNTCS20MSOL220 tray
    20 inlays
    economy1 3/4"30"x22"x49"160 lbs.1537.99