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Ted Thorsen Products > Shelving & Racks > Shelf Bin Systems for Small Parts Storage

Shelf Bin Systems for Small Parts Storage

product image

Complete Packages with Shelving and Bins
  • Economical small parts storage systems keep parts easily identified
  • Open hopper front bins with label area, provide fast access to stored items
  • All-in-one unit is easy to clean and will not rust or corrode
  • Heavy-duty, high grade shelving with a 350 lb. capacity per shelf
  • 36" wide shelving has a smooth powder coat finish
  • Rear "V" lock enables bins to be hung from shelf above when in use
  • Bins are available in black, green, ivory, red or yellowm
  • Unit also available without bins

    Ships from Florida


    Orders totaling less than $200.00 will incur a $20.00 handling fee.

  •  12"x36"x39" Shelving Units - 7 Shelves 
    Item #Bin
    # of Bins
    Bin LxWxHShip
    QtyPriceAdd to Cart
    QU-1239-000no binsno binsno bins50 lbs.168.95
    QU-1239-100-Bblack7211 7/8"x2 3/4"x4"80 lbs.278.07
    QU-1239-100-BLblue7211 7/8"x2 3/4"x4"80 lbs.278.07
    QU-1239-100-Ggreen7211 7/8"x2 3/4"x4"80 lbs.278.07
    QU-1239-100-Iivory7211 7/8"x2 3/4"x4"80 lbs.278.07
    QU-1239-100-Rred7211 7/8"x2 3/4"x4"80 lbs.278.07
    QU-1239-100-Yyellow7211 7/8"x2 3/4"x4"80 lbs.278.07
    QU-1239-101-Bblack4811 7/8"x4 1/8"x4"70 lbs.191.51
    QU-1239-101-BLblue4811 7/8"x4 1/8"x4"70 lbs.191.51
    QU-1239-101-Ggreen4811 7/8"x4 1/8"x4"70 lbs.191.51
    QU-1239-101-Iivory4811 7/8"x4 1/8"x4"70 lbs.191.51
    QU-1239-101-Rred4811 7/8"x4 1/8"x4"70 lbs.191.51
    QU-1239-101-Yyellow4811 7/8"x4 1/8"x4"70 lbs.191.51
    QU-1239-102-Bblack3011 7/8"x6 5/8"x4"66 lbs.225.85
    QU-1239-102-BLblue3011 7/8"x6 5/8"x4"66 lbs.225.85
    QU-1239-102-Ggreen3011 7/8"x6 5/8"x4"66 lbs.225.85
    QU-1239-102-Iivory3011 7/8"x6 5/8"x4"66 lbs.225.85
    QU-1239-102-Rred3011 7/8"x6 5/8"x4"66 lbs.225.85
    QU-1239-102-Yyellow3011 7/8"x6 5/8"x4"66 lbs.225.85
    QU-1239-107-Bblack2411 7/8"x8 3/8"x4"67 lbs.193.17
    QU-1239-107-BLblue2411 7/8"x8 3/8"x4"67 lbs.193.17
    QU-1239-107-Ggreen2411 7/8"x8 3/8"x4"67 lbs.193.17
    QU-1239-107-Iivory2411 7/8"x8 3/8"x4"67 lbs.193.17
    QU-1239-107-Rred2411 7/8"x8 3/8"x4"67 lbs.193.17
    QU-1239-107-Yyellow2411 7/8"x8 3/8"x4"67 lbs.193.17
    QU-1239-109-Bblack1811 7/8"x11 1/8"x4"68 lbs.247.85
    QU-1239-109-BLblue1811 7/8"x11 1/8"x4"68 lbs.247.85
    QU-1239-109-Ggreen1811 7/8"x11 1/8"x4"68 lbs.247.85
    QU-1239-109-Iivory1811 7/8"x11 1/8"x4"68 lbs.247.85
    QU-1239-109-Rred1811 7/8"x11 1/8"x4"68 lbs.247.85
    QU-1239-109-Yyellow1811 7/8"x11 1/8"x4"68 lbs.247.85

     12"x36"x75" Shelving Units - 13 Shelves 
    Item #Bin
    # of Bins
    Bin LxWxHShip
    QtyPriceAdd to Cart
    QU-1275-000no binsno binsno bins90 lbs.247.86
    QU-1275-100-Bblack14411 7/8"x2 3/4"x4"144 lbs.454.92
    QU-1275-100-BLblue14411 7/8"x2 3/4"x4"144 lbs.454.92
    QU-1275-100-Ggreen14411 7/8"x2 3/4"x4"144 lbs.454.92
    QU-1275-100-Iivory14411 7/8"x2 3/4"x4"144 lbs.454.92
    QU-1275-100-Rred14411 7/8"x2 3/4"x4"144 lbs.454.92
    QU-1275-100-Yyellow14411 7/8"x2 3/4"x4"144 lbs.454.92
    QU-1275-101-Bblack9611 7/8"x4 1/8"x4"128 lbs.369.78
    QU-1275-101-BLblue9611 7/8"x4 1/8"x4"128 lbs.369.78
    QU-1275-101-Ggreen9611 7/8"x4 1/8"x4"128 lbs.369.78
    QU-1275-101-Iivory9611 7/8"x4 1/8"x4"128 lbs.369.78
    QU-1275-101-Rred9611 7/8"x4 1/8"x4"128 lbs.369.78
    QU-1275-101-Yyellow9611 7/8"x4 1/8"x4"128 lbs.369.78
    QU-1275-102-Bblack6011 7/8"x6 5/8"x4"121 lbs.374.11
    QU-1275-102-BLblue6011 7/8"x6 5/8"x4"121 lbs.374.11
    QU-1275-102-Ggreen6011 7/8"x6 5/8"x4"121 lbs.374.11
    QU-1275-102-Iivory6011 7/8"x6 5/8"x4"121 lbs.374.11
    QU-1275-102-Rred6011 7/8"x6 5/8"x4"121 lbs.374.11
    QU-1275-102-Yyellow6011 7/8"x6 5/8"x4"121 lbs.374.11
    QU-1275-107-Bblack4811 7/8"x8 3/8"x4"123 lbs.311.74
    QU-1275-107-BLblue4811 7/8"x8 3/8"x4"123 lbs.311.74
    QU-1275-107-Ggreen4811 7/8"x8 3/8"x4"123 lbs.311.74
    QU-1275-107-Iivory4811 7/8"x8 3/8"x4"123 lbs.311.74
    QU-1275-107-Rred4811 7/8"x8 3/8"x4"123 lbs.311.74
    QU-1275-107-Yyellow4811 7/8"x8 3/8"x4"123 lbs.311.74
    QU-1275-109-Bblack3611 7/8"x11 1/8"x4"125 lbs.399.03
    QU-1275-109-BLblue3611 7/8"x11 1/8"x4"125 lbs.399.03
    QU-1275-109-Ggreen3611 7/8"x11 1/8"x4"125 lbs.399.03
    QU-1275-109-Iivory3611 7/8"x11 1/8"x4"125 lbs.399.03
    QU-1275-109-Rred3611 7/8"x11 1/8"x4"125 lbs.399.03
    QU-1275-109-Yyellow3611 7/8"x11 1/8"x4"125 lbs.399.03

     18"x36"x39" Shelving Units - 7 Shelves 
    Item #Bin
    # of Bins
    Bin LxWxHShip
    QtyPriceAdd to Cart
    QU-1839-000no binsno binsno bins63 lbs.202.91
    QU-1839-103-Bblack4817 7/8"x4 1/8"x4"96 lbs.343.86
    QU-1839-103-BLblue4817 7/8"x4 1/8"x4"96 lbs.343.86
    QU-1839-103-Ggreen4817 7/8"x4 1/8"x4"96 lbs.343.86
    QU-1839-103-Iivory4817 7/8"x4 1/8"x4"96 lbs.343.86
    QU-1839-103-Rred4817 7/8"x4 1/8"x4"96 lbs.343.86
    QU-1839-103-Yyellow4817 7/8"x4 1/8"x4"96 lbs.343.86
    QU-1839-104-Bblack3017 7/8"x6 5/8"x4"89 lbs.312.69
    QU-1839-104-BLblue3017 7/8"x6 5/8"x4"89 lbs.312.69
    QU-1839-104-Ggreen3017 7/8"x6 5/8"x4"89 lbs.312.69
    QU-1839-104-Iivory3017 7/8"x6 5/8"x4"89 lbs.312.69
    QU-1839-104-Rred3017 7/8"x6 5/8"x4"89 lbs.312.69
    QU-1839-104-Yyellow3017 7/8"x6 5/8"x4"89 lbs.312.69
    QU-1839-108-Bblack2417 7/8"x8 3/8"x4"91 lbs.316.89
    QU-1839-108-BLblue2417 7/8"x8 3/8"x4"91 lbs.316.89
    QU-1839-108-Ggreen2417 7/8"x8 3/8"x4"91 lbs.316.89
    QU-1839-108-Iivory2417 7/8"x8 3/8"x4"91 lbs.316.89
    QU-1839-108-Rred2417 7/8"x8 3/8"x4"91 lbs.316.89
    QU-1839-108-Yyellow2417 7/8"x8 3/8"x4"91 lbs.316.89
    QU-1839-110-Bblack1817 7/8"x11 1/8"x4"87 lbs.350.72
    QU-1839-110-BLblue1817 7/8"x11 1/8"x4"87 lbs.350.72
    QU-1839-110-Ggreen1817 7/8"x11 1/8"x4"87 lbs.350.72
    QU-1839-110-Iivory1817 7/8"x11 1/8"x4"87 lbs.350.72
    QU-1839-110-Rred1817 7/8"x11 1/8"x4"87 lbs.350.72
    QU-1839-110-Yyellow1817 7/8"x11 1/8"x4"87 lbs.350.72

     18"x36"x75" Shelving Units - 13 Shelves 
    Item #Bin
    # of Bins
    Bin LxWxHShip
    QtyPriceAdd to Cart
    QU-1875-000no binsno binsno bins111 lbs.326.89
    QU-1875-103-Bblack9617 7/8"x4 1/8"x4"176 lbs.494.38
    QU-1875-103-BLblue9617 7/8"x4 1/8"x4"176 lbs.494.38
    QU-1875-103-Ggreen9617 7/8"x4 1/8"x4"176 lbs.494.38
    QU-1875-103-Iivory9617 7/8"x4 1/8"x4"176 lbs.494.38
    QU-1875-103-Rred9617 7/8"x4 1/8"x4"176 lbs.494.38
    QU-1875-103-Yyellow9617 7/8"x4 1/8"x4"176 lbs.494.38
    QU-1875-104-Bblack6017 7/8"x6 5/8"x4"165 lbs.488.00
    QU-1875-104-BLblue6017 7/8"x6 5/8"x4"165 lbs.488.00
    QU-1875-104-Ggreen6017 7/8"x6 5/8"x4"165 lbs.488.00
    QU-1875-104-Iivory6017 7/8"x6 5/8"x4"165 lbs.488.00
    QU-1875-104-Rred6017 7/8"x6 5/8"x4"165 lbs.488.00
    QU-1875-104-Yyellow6017 7/8"x6 5/8"x4"165 lbs.488.00
    QU-1875-108-Bblack4817 7/8"x8 3/8"x4"161 lbs.507.12
    QU-1875-108-BLblue4817 7/8"x8 3/8"x4"161 lbs.507.12
    QU-1875-108-Ggreen4817 7/8"x8 3/8"x4"161 lbs.507.12
    QU-1875-108-Iivory4817 7/8"x8 3/8"x4"161 lbs.507.12
    QU-1875-108-Rred4817 7/8"x8 3/8"x4"161 lbs.507.12
    QU-1875-108-Yyellow4817 7/8"x8 3/8"x4"161 lbs.507.12
    QU-1875-110-Bblack3617 7/8"x11 1/8"x4"158 lbs.547.21
    QU-1875-110-BLblue3617 7/8"x11 1/8"x4"158 lbs.547.21
    QU-1875-110-Ggreen3617 7/8"x11 1/8"x4"158 lbs.547.21
    QU-1875-110-Iivory3617 7/8"x11 1/8"x4"158 lbs.547.21
    QU-1875-110-Rred3617 7/8"x11 1/8"x4"158 lbs.547.21
    QU-1875-110-Yyellow3617 7/8"x11 1/8"x4"158 lbs.547.21