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Ted Thorsen Products > Conveyors & Speed Rails > Nestaflex® 375 Gravity Skate Wheel Conveyor

Nestaflex® 375 Gravity Skate Wheel Conveyor

product image

The Nestaflex® 375 is an application-specific gravity conveyor designed for high-volume distribution centers. The pitch is preset to meet individual materials handling requirements for shipping and receiving. For shipping applications, this system includes the gravity flow conveyor, transition units and store-away system. For receiving applications, this system includes the gravity flow conveyor and a heavy-duty impact conveyor.

375 lbs. per lineal foot fully extended capacity with 5¼" axle centers. Skate wheels are steel with steel ball bearings. Steel axles 5/16" in diameter. Standard 5 1/4" axle centers. To accommodate small packages, restrictors are available 3" or 4" centers. Leg sets and 4-point connection is 1 1/8" O.D., 12-gauge steel with welded double cross-braces, zinc-plated. Leg sets feature a 4º reinforcing bend to increase vertical strength and keep legs perpendicular when conveyor is extended. Four-point bolted leg connection to skate wheel axles and side links. Preset individual leg heights are application specific. To maintain gravity flow a pitch of 5/16" per foot is recommended. Conveyor height ranges from a minimum of 21" to a maximum of 50". Side links and connections are 7-gauge, zinc-plated steel. Top connections are provided by 5/16" steel axles with lock nuts. Cross-point connections are steel pivot pins with spring-loaded retainers. Bottom connections are a combination of pivot pins and 5/16" steel tie rods. Box Stop/Handle is heavy-duty 1 1/8" OD, 12-gauge steel tubing with 1/4" steel brackets, zinc-plated. Box stop folds down when connecting the conveyor to equipment or other conveyors. The box stop is also a convenient push/pull handle. To link conveyors together, each unit is equipped with one set of 7-gauge steel couplers opposite the box stop end. Couplers may also be added to the box stop end. Casters are 6"x2" swivel with heavy-duty stem. Casters with swivel/wheel lock pedal brakes are provided on the first and last leg sets.

Ships from Ohio


 24" Wide Nestaflex® 375 Gravity Skate Wheel Conveyor 
Item #Contracted LengthExtended LengthSkate Wheels/AxleLeg Sets/UnitWt. (lbs.)QtyPriceAdd to Cart
FX-37524008-S2' 7"8' 7"93290789.04
FX-37524012-S3' 8"12' 3"943701055.55
FX-37524016-S4' 8"15' 11"954751283.78
FX-37524020-S5' 8"19' 7"965501593.09
FX-37524024-S6' 8"23' 3"976251882.88
FX-37524028-S8' 2"28' 0"987952262.01
FX-37524032-S9' 2"31' 8"998702528.53
FX-37524036-S10' 3"35' 4"9109602795.04
FX-37524040-S12' 1"41' 10"91211153325.07
FX-37524044-S13' 1"45' 6"91311903591.59
FX-37524048-S14' 4"49' 5"91413503939.94
FX-37524052-S15' 4"53' 1"91514254206.45
FX-37524056-S16' 5"56' 9"91615054473.72
FX-37524060-S17' 5"60' 5"91716054763.51

 30" Wide Nestaflex® 375 Gravity Skate Wheel Conveyor 
Item #Contracted LengthExtended LengthSkate Wheels/AxleLeg Sets/UnitWt. (lbs.)QtyPriceAdd to Cart
FX-37530008-S2' 7"8' 7"123320943.69
FX-37530012-S3' 8"12' 3"1244051121.62
FX-37530016-S4' 8"15' 11"1255151480.48
FX-37530020-S5' 8"19' 7"1266001828.83
FX-37530024-S6' 8"23' 3"1276852161.41
FX-37530028-S8' 2"28' 0"1288652575.07
FX-37530032-S9' 2"31' 8"1299502868.62
FX-37530036-S10' 3"35' 4"121010353170.42
FX-37530040-S12' 1"41' 10"121212153746.24
FX-37530044-S13' 1"45' 6"121313004044.29
FX-37530048-S14' 4"49' 5"121414704427.17
FX-37530052-S15' 4"53' 1"121515554724.47
FX-37530056-S16' 5"56' 9"121616405022.52
FX-37530060-S17' 5"60' 5"121717505335.58