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Rack and Container Placards

C-Channel Magnetic Cardholders

C-Channel Magnetic Roll Stock

Write On Magnetic Label Rolls

Write On/Wipe Off
Magnetic Label Tags

Super Scan®
Extra Large Label Holders
Bar Code Compatible

Wire Rac™ Label Holders

Plastic C-Channel
Card Holders

Warehouse Aisle Sign Kit

Super Scan® Gold Label Holders

Premium Quality Job Ticket Holders

Wire Rac Max™ Label Holders

Angle Vision™ Label Holders

Shelf Labeling Strips

Snap Label™ Label Holders

Adapt A Strip™ Label Holder

Moveable "Shelf" Label Holders

Plain Magnets on a Roll

Mag Print™ Labels

Frig ID™ Laser Sheets
for Low Temperatures

Wire Rac™ Med Label Holders

for Wood Shelves

Zip Seal™Vinyl Pouches

Adhesive Label Sheets

Aisle Sign Pouches

Card Holder Covers

Clear Grip Card Holders

Holdex® Label Holders

Bin Buddy's™
Label Holders for Plastic Bins and Totes

Hi Lo® High and Low Shelving Label Holders

Grommet Style Vinyl Holders

Open Edge™ Label Holders

Heavy Duty Hanging Pouches

Slip Strip™
Label/Document Holder System

Resealable Sealtite Holders

Scannable Shelf and Rack Label Holders

Shelf Label Magnets

Shelf Lip Label Mounts

Tubular Card Holders

Job Ticket & Card Holders

Insert Card Sheets

Metal S-Hooks

C-Channel Plastic Card Holders

Multi-Level Vertical Label Mounts

Multi-Level Vertical Card Holders

Wire Rack Label Tags

Plastic Ties & Cinch Straps

Plastic Label Mount Blanks

Plastic Snap Rings


Labels and Document Holders for Containers, Shelving and Storage Units, and many other applications in factories, warehouses, offices and workareas.

TedThorsen brings you a large selection of labels and document holders for storage and organization of your factories, warehouses, distribution centers, production areas, offices or any work areas.  Get organized and increase your worktime efficiency with these labeling and I.D products and accessories. 

C-Channel Plastic Card Holders  - These popular gray C-channel holders provide easy flexibility for your product additions, relocations, or reorganizing by simply sliding out one card and sliding in another.

To relocate both the holders and the cards, consider the magnetic backed; if the holder is more permanent and only cards are updated, choose adhesive.

Clear Grip CardHolders - Move cards without hassle - simply lift an edge of the holder flap and slide in a new card.  Clear plastic allows easy readability.  Choose adhesive or magnetic backing.

Grommet Style Vinyl Holders  - When you can't use magnetic or adhevise holders, our grommet style holders will work!  These holders are ideal for freezers, wood shelves, bins, pegboards, uneven surfaces or any where adhesives or magnetics will not do. Hang these reinforced four hole style holders on hooks, screws, or nails.  Rugged 8-gauge, clear vinyl with welded, non-rip seams.

Heavy Duty Stitched Holders  - Durable Holder to Protect Travelers, Maintenance Orders and Other Warehouse Documents

Hi Lo® High and Low Shelving Label Holders  - Hi-Lo® eliminates problems in identifying shelf contents in high or low places. This self-adhesive holder attaches to a shelf at a 45 degree angle. On a high shelf it "looks down" at you. On a low shelf it "looks up" at you, eliminating bending and stooping. Ideal for libraries, labs, warehouses, and other large storage areas. White paper inserts provided.

Holdex® Label Holders  - Holdex® is a patented product made from sturdy, matte finished clear plastic that eliminates glare for bar code compatibility. Rely on Holdex® to stay in place.

Job Ticket and Card Holders  - we offer two version of job ticket and card holders:

Clear, Read-Through Design
- Versatile clear holders are popular for holding a small single bar code card to a full instruction booklet.
- Ruggedly constructed from strong 8-gauge crystal clear vinyl with welded, non-rip seams.

Strip Backing or Plain
- Adhesive strip or magnetic backing is applied in two lengthwise strips.
- Holder can adhere to smooth or irregular surfaces.
- Holders are available without any backing for stapling to wood, hanging or protecting documents.

Magnetic Rubber C-Channel Card Holders  - C-Channel design allows flexibility of shelf space re-organization with easy relocation of the holders or simple replacement of cards by simply sliding them in and out. The magnetic solid rubber construction of these brown holders maximizes the holding power for a variety of warehouse, storage, distribution and production environments. These durable magnetic channels can be applied in areas from 0 degrees to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Multi-LevelCard Holders & Label Mounts  -

Reading & Scanning for Higher Levels Now Made Easy
- Eliminate long-range scanning or confusion of which label goes with which rack.
- Easy to view and update, place a card or label for each rack level all on one holder.

Use Cards or Labels in One Man-Down Location
- The 2 3/4"wide white plastic adhesive backed units are designed in two styles:

Card Holder for inserting a card for each level in its own scanable pouch.

Label Mount for attaching adhesive labels - one per rack level.

Open Edge™ Label Holders - The top loading design is ideal for any shelving application. Label holders can be used full length or cut to desired length using scissors. Aggressive self-adhesive backing means these labels will not fall off any clean, dry surface. Made from sturdy PVC. White inserts provided.

Premium Quality Job Ticket Holders - These very popular, all purpose holders protect and preserve work orders, production schedules, inventory cards, and much more from excessive handling, wear, and the elements.  Made of a strong 8 mil, rigid clear vinyl for easy visibility from either side. High quality edges are stitched for longer product life. All holders have a center reinforced brass eyelet for hanging.

Resealable Sealtite Holders - Resists Splashes, Spills & Smears.  Heavy duty vinyl holders safeguard their contents from dirt, oil, tears or being lost. With a quick slide of the finger, the envelope becomes sealed and water resistant. Constructed with long-life, clear 8-gauge vinyl with two lengthwise strips of 60 mil magnets (1/16") or strong adhesive strips.

Shelf Label Magnets - Eliminate the hassle of peeling sticky labels. Apply your bar code or SKU labels to magnets for easy relocating. Write your product location information directly on the durable vinyl surface of the magnet. If changes or updates are likely, we recommend using damp erase pens.

Rack and Shelf Label Holders - Perfect for Totes and Bins - Adhesive or Magnetic Back Side

Slip Strip™Label/Document Holder System - Excellent For Bar Codes, Point of Sale and Price Display Systems.  Change labels as often as necessary without messy adhesive build-up. Stick theSlip Strip™ label holders any where you need to mount or display bar codes, messages, prices or any other information. "Slip" label, sign or message through the open edge of the holder for quick and easy labeling and label changes. Holds all sizes and any types of labels, even up to letter size!

Super Scan® Extra Large Label Holders - Ideal For Pallet Racking.  These tough, extra large label holders help prevent damage to valuable bar code information during storage and distribution. They protect against dust, abrasion, humidity, even chemicals and light. A special matte finish assures accurate bar code scanning...every time!

Wire Rac™  - Finally A Solution For Labeling Wire Shelving.  This flexible plastic label holder makes labeling wire shelving a breeze.Just snap it on for a perfect fit. Snap it off to reposition.

Wire Rack Label Tags - Shelves in freezers and other cold storage units are popular locations for these tags.  Use on containers requiring identification marking which are not conductive to magnetic or adhesive labeling.  More secure than "snap-on" tags which can easily be "snapped off" due to moisture or getting bumped.

Write-On Magnetic Tags  - Quick, Easy & Inexpensive.  WriteOn/Wipe Off tags have a strong and durable magnetic (0.030"thick) backing. The vinyl top coating makes marking with any standard wet or dry erase marker a snap! Available in blue, green, orange, red, white and yellow.

If you have any questions about our labels and document holders, contact us today.