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Maintenance and Safety Products - Variety of Maintenance and Safety Products

Ted Thorsen brings you the maintenance and safety products you need for your workplace. 

Our line of maintenance products includes…


Safety products

Ergonomic Work Aids and Work Platforms

Maintenance Carts, Containers and Accessories

Waste and Recycling Carts, Containers and Accessories

Hazardous Materials / Flammables Storage Products

Drum Handling Products

Safety and Security Mirrors

Conveyor and Rack Safety Netting

Wrist Supports

Chair Cushions and Anti-Fatigue Mats

Belts, Gloves, Supports and Accessories

Liquid Storage and Safety Products

Safety Barriers, Barricades and Handrails

Safety Ladders

Corner and Column Protectors

Heavy-Duty Rubber Corner Protectors - Heavy-duty cornerprotectors are designed to protect corners from damage. Extremelyversatile protection for in plant, offices, overhead doorframes andtracks or any 90 degree corner. Yellow and black stripes available forincreased visibility.

Mobile Man Lift on Casters - Mobile manlifts are designed to raise or lower a worker to the optimum workingheight for maximum productivity with minimum risk of injury and fatigue.Ergonomically speaking, the optimum working elevation for most jobs is2" below elbow height. Power operation provides ease of usage.

Sani Trux Fire Resistant Fiberglass Trash Cart - Rugged fiberglasscomposite construction. Won't rust, corrode or melt….ever. ManySani-Trux carts built in 1964 are still in use… over 34 years and ourcustomers tell us they're still going strong. Designed to exceed thelatest revisions in the uniform fire code with optional lid in place.Sani Trux carts are exceptionally fire resistant. A special compoundadded to the fiberglass releases its own moisture to slow flame spreadand increase escape time. Truck body is constructed of structuralfiberglass composite utilizing fire-retardant, pigmented resin. Body ismolded in one piece. The composite is resistant to acids, alkalies andmost chemicals. Finish is smooth on the inside and textured on theoutside. The exterior is finished with tough-coat to provide slick,polished surface that is mar-resistant and easy to clean.

Smoking Receptacles – We carry Butt Cans and SafeSmokers™  for plant, office or commercial use.  Butt Cans and SafeSmokers™ offer a clean and safe receptacle for disposing of cigarettes and smokers' waste.

ValuSweep™ Fork Lift Broom Accessory - A Great Idea to Reduce Labor Costs and Improve Housekeeping Efficiency.  Rugged, lightweight,easy to attach and use, inexpensive, replaceable. Ideal for All CleanupApplications: dirt, leaves, debris, light snow, material spills,sludge/mud, standing water, wood chips, steel shavings and banding,shrinkwrap debris, gravel, pallet scraps, floor dry. Safety First:minimal operator training necessary, safe for operator equipment andenvironment. Proven Productivity: dramatically reduce clean-up costs andboost employee morale. No Downtime: with no moving parts, brooms arevirtually maintenance free. Easy Brush Replacement:unique, durablebrush strips are quickly replaced, firm limited movement forces bristlesnap-back action.

Versa-Kart® Recycling Carts - Versa-Kart® RecyclingCarts are perfect collection containers for office andshop applications. Carts incorporate high durability tubconstruction, heavy-duty steel axles and solid wheels. Attached lidconvex shape allows overpacking and prevents water pooling.

Work Platforms & Stands – We carry a variety of work platforms and stands, including the 250 lb. Rated Wood Step Platform, the Aluminum Mobile Work Stand, and Aluminum Mobile Work Stand.


Our line of safety products includes…

Column Sentry® Concrete Wrap Column Protectors - A blanketof protection that cushions the blow. Column Sentry® ConcreteWrap ismolded from a semi-flexible, crack-resistant plastic. Thick foam paddingabsorbs the force to tow motor impact, protecting your people andequipment from concrete damage. Grips tightly around concrete,minimizing slippage when hit from any angle. Optimal 2" thicknessminimizes impact force while conserving floor space. Maintenance Free:eliminates the constant chipping, painting and maintenance of concretebases. Waterproof: easy to clean.

Chemical-resistant andnon-conductive. UV stabilized bright safety yellow plastic is highlyvisible and permanently prevents fading.Protects under virtually anycondition and in temperatures down to 0°F. Easily removable. Flexiblewith a perfect custom fit.  Multiple kitscan be used for larger concrete applications. Quick, easy installation:wrap blankets around concrete, trim off excess to createa custom fit.Tighten straps and lock in place. Perfect to retrofit over your existingconcrete bases.

Galvanized Guard Rail Systems  - Protect personneland equipment both visually and physically with our Galvanized GuardRail Systems. Economical systems can be utilized indoors or outdoors.Choose between one, two, or three rail high systems. Tubular posts aremachined for continuous or perpendicular rail mounting.

Heavy-Duty Rubber Corner Protectors  - Heavy-duty cornerprotectors are designed to protect corners from damage. Extremelyversatile protection for in plant, offices, overhead doorframes andtracks or any 90 degree corner. Yellow and black stripes available forincreased visibility.

Protective Barriers  - Wecarry Column Rack Guards, High Profile Machinery Guards, LowProfileRack Guards and Structural Rack Guards for in-plant and workarea protective barriers.

Safety Steps  - Rear openingto access storage compartment inside of steps. No skid stepsurface.Sturdy. Heavy Duty. Hand Holes for Lifting. Lightweight.Available in achoice of colors.

Versa-Guard® Safety Barricade - Versa-Guard® isa portable barricade designed to be versatile and effective.OneVersa-Guard® does the job of several conventional barricades. Ourbasic design expands from 17 inches when closed to over 11 feetfully extended to handle jobs of all sizes. Units can also beinterconnected to protect areas of any size or shape.

If you have any questions about our maintenance and safety products, contact us today.