24" x 40" Extra Heavy Weight Engineered Molded Wood Pallet

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24" x 40" extra heavy weight engineered molded wood pallet.  Sold in minimum quantity of thirty (30).

  • Model : IE112440
  • Outside Length : 24 in.
  • Outside Width : 40 in.
  • Brand : Ted Thorsen Select Brand
  • Dynamic Capacity (lbs) : 2,500

The manufacturing process turns damaged logs, wood waste and other wood by-products into brand-new, wood pallets using a high heat and pressure molding process, making them water and mold resistant. Durable enough to be reused and inexpensive enough to be expendable make these ideal for return and reuse programs or in situations where pallet loss is difficult to manage.  They have all rounded corners and tapered legs which make them ideal for stretch or shrink wrapping. And, there are no nails or splinters to damage your products.  The nestable and stackable design saves space. Pallets are sold in minimum quantities of thirty (30).

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