Vestil Manual Hydraulic Post Table 24" W x 36" L, 4000 lb capacity

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Hydraulic 4 post table 24" wide x 36" long, 4000 lb capacity

  • Model : HT-40-2436
  • Freight Class : 125
  • Material : Steel
  • Outside Height : 36
  • Outside Length : 51.68
  • Outside Width : 24
  • Shelf Gauge : 12
  • Brand : Vestil
  • Number of Speeds : 2

The foot-operated hydraulic lift tables are built for heavy duty shop use. The post table is good for many material handling uses including: lifting dies and castings, moving machine parts, positioning welder's work, leveling feed material for pump presses, conveyors and press brakes and similar material handling jobs. The 4 posts are telescoping to help stabilize and support loads during operation. Tables roll smoothly on 4" x 2" phenolic casters: two (2) locking swivel casters with brakes and two (2) rigid. The unit features a two-speed auto shifter that includes a down speed control valve for maximum operator convenience and safe platform lowering. Patented ergonomic push handle makes pushing the unit safe and easy. Service Range: 36" to 54".

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